My Dress Is NOT A Yes !

This is my response to the article Mr Loophole provokes outrage after claiming women who dress provocatively ‘victimise men’, by Lucy Collins.

Celebrity Lawyer, Nick Freeman said girls who wear ‘racy’ underwear and skimpy tops made it clear they had one thing on their minds: sex.

“The 54-year-old, whose clients have included David Beckham, said women who insisted they dressed this way for themselves and not the opposite sex were liars and urged them to ‘take more responsibility’.

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Mission and Cause

One of the most important parts of a SlutWalk is to establish a mission and a cause. The SlutWalk movement has come to represent many different places in the world and each of those places has different issues surrounding victim blaming and sexual violence. Part of our goal right now is to establish a specific mission for the Tampa SlutWalk that relates directly to our area.

We know that there are a couple major Universities and Colleges in the Tampa area and have already decided that part of our mission will be to raise awareness about sexual violence on college campuses.

We are looking for your suggestions about specific aspects of sexual violence and victim blaming that we should include in our mission.

Any ideas? Post them in the comments section below or email us at!