We LOVE Bubba & Spice!

Just got back from an incredible radio interview on the Bubba The Love Sponge show on 102.5. I was slightly nervous at first because I know of their reputation for being jokers. This is such a serious cause and I didn’t want it portrayed in any kind of bad light. I felt like I had the weight of the whole movement on my shoulders and I didn’t want to let everyone down.

Come to find out, I had absolutely NO reason to worry. They were fantastic! 

I’d like to point out that they are the ONLY radio show that has invited us on and offered to promote the cause, let alone make a HUGE and crucial $500 donation! So, yes, they may be just like high school boys, full of testosterone and ready to go “6 to midnight” at the drop of a hat, but they are a group of men who deserve the utmost respect for their generosity and ability to bring serious issues to the table in a way that makes them fun and titillating. THEN – to add even more excitement, Shawn M. from Friends and Family Support Center called in and donated an additional $500! I was on cloud nine!

If you didn’t hear the interview you can listen to it below!

Thank you again to Bubba the Love Sponge, Spice and the rest of their crew. There’s now a whole bunch of SlutWalk love that’s been soaked up in the Bubba sponge!

Click HERE to Listen to the SlutWalk on Bubba The Love Sponge Interview!

The Buttons and Stickers are here!









The buttons and stickers have finally arrived! Order your today! All the proceeds will go directly to the SlutWalk fund! Show your support with a sweet SLUT Button!

They’re only $2!!

Click HERE to order yours or visit: http://slutwalktampa.bigcartel.com/

Donate to SlutWalk Tampa and get a Restaurant.com gift card!

Donate and get a Restaurant.com gift card!

We’ve teamed up with the AWESOME people over at Elite Marketing in Tampa to raise money for the SlutWalk!

They’ve offered to help us with some incentives for donations made to the SlutWalk! If you donate $15 to the SlutWalk you receive a $25 restaurant.com gift card OR donate $20 to the SlutWalk and receive a $50 restaurant.com gift card!

(Or donate multiple times to get more than one gift card!)

Here’s a little about Restaurant.com:

“Restaurant.com is about celebrating the dining experience more affordably. We provide certificates for literally thousands of great restaurants – many of them right in your neighborhood – that bring you the fun and pleasure of eating out while spending less. Sound too good to be true? Not at all. Restaurant owners like us because we bring them new customers. And you’ll like us because we’re such a convenient way to enjoy an evening out whenever you want without busting the budget.”

Check out their Tampa Bay area restaurants here.


If you donate $15 to the Tampa SlutWalk, you will receive a $25 restaurant.com gift card.
BUT! If you donate $20 to the Tampa SlutWalk, you will receive a $50 restaurant.com gift card! Sounds like a sweet deal to us! Here’s how you do it!

  1. Visit our donation page HERE or by clicking the donate button below.
  2. Donate $15 or $20 using the PayPal donation form. ($15 donation = $25 gift card. $20 donation = $50 gift card). Make sure to use an e-mail address that you can be reached at. 
  3. After we receive your donation we will e-mail you a thank you letter, asking for your mailing address.
  4. Once you receive this e-mail, e-mail us back at SlutWalkTampa@gmail.com with your mailing address.
  5. After we receive your mailing address we will send you your restaurant.com gift card in the mail. (Please allow 7-14 days for delivery)
It’s that easy! And there’s no limit to how many times you can donate to receive restaurant.com gift cards! So – donate $20 twice and receive TWO $50 restaurant.com gift cards! Click the donate button below to get started! Once we receive your donation we will contact you for your mailing address so we can get your gift card in the mail ASAP!