An Unconscious Girl Is NOT A Yes!

“I go out, and I wanna look cute, and I wanna look hot… You see guys without their shirts on all of the time, it’s really not that big of an issue… They’re finding all these loopholes and all these leeways for the RAPISTS. Like we’re the bad ones.”

After I posted my video My Dress Is NOT A Yes! (below) – my friend Madison Kosloski sent me a personal message saying,

I love you.

Teagan,Your bravery in all of this is so touching. You are so special, and the way you are handling this extremely tragic situation is both refreshing and eye opening to me. I know how hard it is for you to have the bravery you do.I know because I was raped. I was raped in January, and you are honestly one of the first people I’ve talked to about it. I never thought it was a big deal, because he was with me at the time.

I was in denial, for a while. Because I took ecstasy that night, I just blocked it out. But now I know. I know I said no, I know he was completely sober, I know I have never felt so helpless.

But now that’s all in the past, I’ve grown from it, as sad as growing from rape is. I just want you to know how much I love you

And that you aren’t alone in this.”

I thought when I was posting the video I made on Youtube that not many people would watch it, for one. But after only a few short days the video has received almost four hundred hits. I had one intention: the spread the word to people who believe along with Mr. Loophole. I wanted them to hear my side. I never expected that my video would inspire other rape victims/rape survivors to be brave and share their story. But it did just that. I inspired people to speak out, without even realizing it. I had SIX people tell me that they were rape survivors/victims of sexual assault after I posted that video. SIX young girls who had never told anyone that before. 

The bravery Madison exhibits is amazing. The more survivors speak out, the more the word of Slutwalk is spread.

We are truly seeing a revolution before our eyes. And we’re apart of it.

– Teagan Laurel Alexander

Here’s the original video:

1 thought on “An Unconscious Girl Is NOT A Yes!

  1. You are my hero- my strength. I am coming tomorrow, because of you. This video. Thank you. Even if I never get to see you, meet you- thank you. You have made the difference on my life. Your bravery with this video has made the difference.

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