My Dress Is NOT A Yes !

This is my response to the article Mr Loophole provokes outrage after claiming women who dress provocatively ‘victimise men’, by Lucy Collins.

Celebrity Lawyer, Nick Freeman said girls who wear ‘racy’ underwear and skimpy tops made it clear they had one thing on their minds: sex.

“The 54-year-old, whose clients have included David Beckham, said women who insisted they dressed this way for themselves and not the opposite sex were liars and urged them to ‘take more responsibility’.

Share this video with everyone you know, let’s make this go viral and spread the word!

5 thoughts on “My Dress Is NOT A Yes !

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  2. Hey boo. (: I love you so much. This was a great video. And obviously I get the very serious message, but i literally laughed my ass off because you managed to handle to tough topic in a very “screw you” slightly comical way. Plus I see one of your signature faces and I’m like “i totes know what she was thinking right then” 😀

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  4. You are so wonderful and as a victim of several instances of assault, this was touching to me. ❤ You are strong. You are right. You made your points loud and clear and I hope you make a difference with them.Thank you.

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