Free Women’s Self Defense Class in Tampa – Taught by MMA Fighter Caroline Portugal

MMA Fighter Caroline Portugal aka RareNinja

We all agree that it’s not a women’s responsibility to prevent her own rape. However, we also think it’d be awesome to know how to kick some ass if we ever needed to.

Caroline Portugal is an MMA fighter from Tampa, Florida. She teaches self defense classes for women and is offering a free class this Saturday, June 25th. On her website she writes:

“It was 1:20am. I was tired, cold and alone. As I stood under a bright light in the metro subway platform for the last subway train to take me home, I was thinking about my huge pile of homework and my work schedule for next week. I blinked and a sudden move from behind me comes towards me along with a strong chemical smell. I physically respond . . . #!%@! . . . My heart pounds fast and hard, out of my chest, realizing my attacker is on the floor with a broken nose and choking on his own blood. I ran upstairs to call for help. Although this happened more than 10 years ago, feels like it happened yesterday. Everyday, I rewind the memories of when I was attacked by a large 6’+ man who attempted to suffocate me with a toxic poison in a paper brown bag. I will always remember how that one effective strike saved my life that night.” – Caroline Portugal Hernandez AKA RareNinja

MMA Fighter Caroline Portugal AKA RareNinja

Among Caroline’s long list of championships, in 2009 she was the COPA Nationals Gold medalist in Brazilian Jui Jitsu in the 100-125 weight division.

Caroline is offering a FREE Women’s self defense class this weekend at the Good Karma Boutique in Dunedin Beach. There will be free goodie bags and amazing raffle prizes! The event is sponsored by: East West Acupuncture, JoJo’s Boudoir, Good Karma, Ohana Cafe, Cnthia Vespia, Peace of Mind, The Conscious Connection, Heat Yoga and Fitness Studio and local artists and trainers. See below for the full details!


WHEN: Saturday June 25th, 5pm-7pm

WHERE: Good Karma Boutique – 310 Causeway Boulevard, Dunedin Beach, FL 34698

(note: Like we said above, we are not promoting the idea that women are responsible for preventing their own assault, but it can’t hurt to know how to kick a little ass!)

Caroline AKA RareNinja in Action - By: Roland Smith


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